About Us


Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. The design of a given robotic system will often incorporate principles of Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering and Computer science particularly artificial intelligence. The Robotics Center, MJCET was inaugurated on 28th of February, 2008, by Dr. Basheer Ahmed, PhD. (Robotics and Automation) Principal MJCET. This initiative was taken to offer a helping hand to all those interested in Robotics and bring together the students of all disciplines across the. It is guided by the Robotics mentor Mr. Arifuddin Sohel, Associate Professor in Electronics and Communication Department. The Robotics Center of MJCET conducts workshops and interactive sessions regarding the specific concepts of robotics which will help the members to go ahead with their projects. The main aim of the center is to encourage the students to participate in the robotic competitions going on in and around the state and the country.
Robotics Center provides young tech enthusiasts with opportunities to share their knowledge and hone their skills. The Robotics Center MJCET is divided into three main divisions,


2. The Robotics Club

3. The External Academia


Team ROBOCON MJCET (TRM) has been representing the college in this competition for the past six years. We started from a group of amateur robot-enthusiasts and have come a long way to becoming a well experienced team. From a bunch of wires and aluminum blocks to wireless controllers and pneumatics, the team has gained remarkable improvement in the field of robotics.


Robotics MJCET is one of the most prestigious and upstart clubs of the college.This club has been consistent in producing good and innovative ideas and projects every year.Each and every member of the club gives utmost dedication and thought to almost everything say projects, organizing events, workshops, seminars, petty things and so on which enhances their technical as well as communication skills.


The Robotics Center has made a new move towards expanding this institution to the next level. A body, “The External Academia” was formed to deal with external affairs of the club. The aim and vision of this team is to spread the awareness and knowledge of basic elementary robotics to private institutions which their regular curriculum could not provide.

The team reaches out to the schools and motivates the young tech enthusiasts to build an interest in this field by imparting valuable elementary knowledge of robotics. The team with its mentor approaches the students of 8 th, 9th and 10th grades with an introductory seminar followed by a workshop at their premises which helps them to have a better perspective of what robotics is and how things are done.

The team has successfully conducted workshop on “Elementary Robotics” at Sultan - Ul - Uloom Public school, Banjara hills and Mukarram Jah school, Purani Haveli so far.